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CHAR Technologies is commercializing SulfaCHAR™ to solve a growing $1.2B global problem caused by toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide in the biogas industry—a renewable resource. SulfaCHAR™ is a hydrogen sulfide recovery system.

The capture and removal of hydrogen sulfide from biogas has been a problem for renewable gas companies and one of the reasons progress has been slow. Until now.

With more than 7 billion people living on the planet, companies have turned to alternative sources to fill the growing demand for energy. One of these alternative sources is biogas, created by decomposing organic matter. Biogas can be used to generate electricity, or used as a replacement for natural gas. Read more about the “Energy from Waste” (EfW) movement.

But the decomposition process also generates by-products: methane (22 times worse than CO2 for global warming and ozone depletion), carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S)—corrosive and poisonous. When methane is captured, that is what gives biogas its energy value. SulfaCHAR™ captures the hydrogen sulfide in methane, thereby cleaning the biogas. And turns it into a useful fertilizer, too. Read “How it Works.”

SulfaCHAR™ can be used in anaerobic digesters, in municipal landfills, and wastewater treatment plants. Read “Markets & Customers.”

SulfaCHAR™ is the most cost effective product, based on cost per kilogram of H2S removed. It effectively removes hydrogen sulfide. And by converting hydrogen sulfide into agriculturally beneficial sulfur, it creates a second income stream. Read more in “Services.”

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