Farm-based biogas projects using manure and agriculture residues provide opportunities for on-farm revenue diversification through electricity generation, thermal energy capture, and nutrient recovery. Removing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from the biogas is essential to ensure safe and efficient plant operation.

SulfaCHAR™ is a targeted gas cleaning solution that is simple to operate and implement.  The passive system directs untreated biogas through a vessel containing SulfaCHAR™ media.  SulfaCHAR™ adsorbs H2S onto its surface and clean biogas exits the system ready for electricity generation. SulfaCHAR™ is an ideal solution for on-farm anaerobic digesters of any scale.

Benefits include:

  • Low capital cost for installation
  • Low operational burdens
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance
  • Eliminates need to store or handle toxic chemicals
  • Spent material is non-toxic and easily disposable.