Landfill Gas

In Canada, 27% of landfills with gas capture systems in place utilize landfill gas for electricity, with the remainder using it for heating or flaring it to the atmosphere. In the United States the number is 55%.

Clearly there is a lot of room for growth when using landfill gas for energy. With the decision to utilize LFG driven greatly by capital and operating costs, providing a cost-effective and convenient method for LFG cleaning is essential.

SulfaCHAR™ is a targeted gas cleaning solution that is simple to operate and implement. The passive system directs untreated LFG through a vessel containing SulfaCHAR™ media.  SulfaCHAR™ adsorbs H2S onto its surface and clean biogas exits the system ready for electricity generation.

SulfaCHAR™ has proven success cleaning landfill gas for electricity production. Benefits include:

  • A 30% by weight sulfide removal capacity that prevents engine corrosion from hydrogen sulfide
  • Reduced siloxanes in LFG to avoid the formation of abrasive microcrystalline silica in the engines
  • The system is easy to implement and has a small environmental footprint
  • It is non-toxic with simple change-out and disposal.