While obtaining his Master’s in Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto, Andrew White and his supervisor, Dr. Don Kirk, toured a farm-based biogas plant. This was the source of Andrew’s inspiration for SulfaCHAR. “I was astonished to see how much by-product was created from producing renewable natural gas,” he said. “After seeing that, I wanted to turn the by-product into something companies and industries could use.”

Andrew’s solution was to create SulfaCHAR, an adsorbent that scrubs the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from methane gas. He co-developed the product at the University of Toronto with Dr. Kirk, an expert in the area of solid adsorbents. Following the development of the product, CHAR Technologies was formed to bring SulfaCHAR out of the lab to benefit the industry by providing a sustainable solution for removing H2S from renewable natural gas.

SulfaCHAR works by removing the toxic H2S from biogas in the same way that a Brita water-filter removes contaminants from tap water. Once H2S is removed, the clean biogas can be used for multiple energy applications.

Unlike other gas cleaning technologies, SulfaCHAR is completely zero-waste. When H2S is adsorbed onto SulfaCHAR, the contaminant is converted into beneficial forms of sulfur and the spent material can be used as a sulfur rich biochar fertilizer.